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  2. marmaladejacket asked: I've been listening to your music since the start (Bedroom Recordings) and I love your work; it has inspired me in my own music. My question (which may be dumb) is how do you balance life and your music? Thanks for answering/considering to answer.

    make music part of your social life and let it inform your academic life

    my own music informs my ‘music writing’ which in turn informs and is informed by my academic writing and experience at college

    a lot of my friends are associated with music in some way

    it’s easy to do a lot of different things when they overlap with each other like that


  3. Straight White Boy Problem #185


    game of thrones? daenerys is pretty hot? yea 10/10 - my game of thrones review

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    On the bed (third state).

    Jean-Louis Forain, from Jean-Louis Forain, aquafortiste (Jean-louis Forain as etcher) vol. 2 part 1, by Marcel Guérin, Paris, 1912.

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  10. Basilika Ottobeuren, Deckenfresko, Germany

    Photo by Rolf Bach

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    Thursday, May 15th at Nicolas’ Cage in Bloomfield, CT
    $5 for touring bands 
    all ages

    Soundtrack to Sleep


    Loner Chic

    Guest House

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  14. Anonymous asked: how different will loner chic be from the music you make under cc

    It is different but also a somewhat logical extension of the direction in which my “solo” music was going. Brian, the drummer in Loner Chic, played drums on Could Be Bitter Forever and played in my live full band for my solo stuff. Matt and Pete play guitar and bass respectively, so our lineup is pretty similar in structure to the group I’ve been playing with for the past year or so.

    Sonically, we sound kind of like the more ‘pop’ moments from Could Be Bitter Forever, but the lyrics I think are stronger, less mean-spirited, more ironically detached sometimes but still personal in a sense. I wrote all the songs for the last album when I was sixteen and two years does a lot to a person. We’re vaguely a pop-punk band but I like to think we sound like the Lemonheads. There’s a waltz song about dating a mediocre musician, a song about smoking in your bedroom, a song about seeing Teen Suicide at a pizza place, a song about my best friend in Maine. It’s all over the place and it’s fun on one level but I think it captures the depth of the human emotional experience in a way that my past stuff didn’t. You need the happier, carefree side to understand the painful stuff and I think the Loner Chic record is going to capture both. 

    My solo stuff is going to be closer to “truly” solo from now on.